Moving home is often regarded as one of life’s most stressful events. Some people love it, many hate it – but whatever your opinion, Murads Group are here to make your move as stress-free as possible.

There are certain key stages to moving, which we will cover here.

The first step, assuming you’re selling your home is obvious: declutter.

An estate agent may be too concerned with winning the listing to advise this, but it makes total sense. That loft, that garage where possessions have never been touched for months or years – do you need it all?

If you’re downsizing, or moving to a city centre apartment in Ancoats, New Islington, Salford Quays or Castlefield, you will need to think about decluttering. If you’re upsizing, it is less of an issue!

You should though make your property as clutter-free as possible so viewers make offers as soon as possible; you may want to consider moving valued possessions into storage if you don’t want to sell or recycle.

The next steps neatly follow on:

Obtain packing materials and boxes

Start ordering furniture for your new home

Arrange a survey with Murads Group, your Manchester and Salford removals company, who will advise on costs and time for moving.

3-4 Weeks Before You Move

Arrange childcare or pet care for your proposed moving day
Set up home insurance for your new home
Start to use up all the food and drink in your fridge, freezer, and perhaps cupboards
Check there’s parking and easy access for your removals company at your new home
Arrange date for your washing machine and dishwasher to be disconnected, (if you plan on taking them)

2 Weeks Before You Move

Tell gas, electric and broadband providers of your moving date
Pay for post to be re-directed

1 Week Before You Move

Finish packing (if you’ve arranged to do it yourself) and spring clean your home

Make sure all vital documents are together and set aside for you to move yourself

Defrost and clean the fridge and / or freezer

Check your loft, garage, shed, cupboards and areas of the house for any unpacked possessions
Take down and bubble wrap pictures, mirrors, shelves etc

The Day Before You Move
Prepare for a professional packing service if you have arranged one
Confirm all details with your moving company
Gather all your essentials, jewellery, and important documents and put them to one side in a labelled box

Moving Day
Welcome us as we arrive – usually early as moving is time-pressured.

Take final meter readings on your smartphone so you have records.

Once our team have finished, walk through the property to confirm that nothing has been left behind.

Collect your keys and arrive at your new home ahead of the removals company.

On completion of the removals delivery, check all items have been unloaded and sign any removals paperwork.

Relax with a cup of tea, a takeaway after a long day – we do this most days and are experts at making moving as stress-free as possible!

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