Move yourself or use a removal company?

There’s no doubt that moving home, relocating, downsizing, upsizing is stressful. Whether you’re moving into a rented property, buying your first home or changing areas completely, your stress levels are likely to be high and money may well be tight.

A rental property often requires a 5 week deposit – around £1300 in Manchester or Salford Quays, as two examples, a guarantor, proof of income and then you have to pay the first month’s rent. It’s tempting for many people to move themselves and if your place is compact and your possessions not that huge, it’s certainly a cost-effective option.

If you have many boxes, beds, tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes, that moving in day with a hired van can add to the stress – not just mental but physical. How will you get that solid wardrobe out of your current place and lift it, navigating a home’s twists and turns into the hire van? How will you optimise the space in the cargo area? How will you protect mirrors, framed pictures, glass and crockery in transit?

Space – the final frontier?

You may well find that you don’t utilise the space in your hire van well enough and one trip becomes two or even three.

With a house purchase, if you’re in the position of having some nice equity from your home’s sale, you still have to factor in:

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)
  • Conveyancing costs on sale and purchase
  • Estate agent fees
  • Moving costs, like ending Broadband, Gas and Electricity balances and setting up new ones
  • Removal costs

We get it, at Murads Group, moving home is expensive.

But many people see a professional removal service as both good value and necessary.

Practice makes perfect

We can empty your current home quickly and efficiently with our team; we are experienced and insured; we do the same for valued clients across Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire most days. They say practice makes perfect and we think we’re excellent at what we do – and the many Five Star Google reviews we collect – suggest that is true.

Tiger Woods, one of the greatest golfers of all time, picked up a golf club and practised from the age of four and became one of the game’s leading golfers. Musicians don’t simply stride on stage to huge audiences and fanfares and begin to learn how to sing, play guitar, drum for the first time. No. They’ve spent years honing their skills and developing a following before the stage success lands.


In life, if you want to be good or great at anything, you have to learn MASTERY. This means becoming an expert in your field. Whether that’s golf, music or removals. We have mastered moving as we practise and perfect it most days, with you, the homemover, as our very important audience.

By doing what we do daily – packing, lifting, carrying, dismantling, assembling – at two places often (your old home and your new home), we become efficient and skilled at removals in Greater Manchester.

Enjoy your new place

The last thing you probably want when you’re moving is so much physical and emotional stress that the joy of your new place gets lost. That long period of packing, dismantling, lifting into a van and cars, may seem like a money-saving idea but will it leave you emotionally and physically exhausted for days and weeks?


Far better is to factor in moving costs into your overall budget and accept that it’s an expense but a very worthwhile one? You wouldn’t sell your home yourself, or attempt the conveyancing, so why move yourself?

Let Murads Group take the burden.

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