Packing tips for 2024

Well, the Christmas markets are all up and running in Manchester; the clocks went back at the end of October and autumn is slowly fading to winter. Short days, long nights with a new year to look forward to.

Another curious fact about Christmas is this – Boxing Day apparently sees the highest hits on the property website, Rightmove.

We clearly are a nation of homeowners, as Napoleon once said, and our appetite for moving shows no signs of easing.

So how should move and pack for a move in 2024?

The first step, obviously, is to plan strategically for it. If you’re in rented accommodation, this will mean when your tenancy agreement ends – but you need to think ahead. Say you’re planning to move before January 2024 from your rented home, contact a removals firm like Murads Group, Salford, this week to provisionally reserve a slot. It’s never too early but you can leave it too late.

Start decluttering

Time for us and you is money so if you’re downsizing, this is crucial. Take a long objective look at your loft, your garage, your shed, your kitchen, your living rooms and bedrooms and decide what you actually love and need in your new home. Many apartments in Manchester now often come with fitted wardrobes and even included furniture, so do you need these when you move? You can, of course, put stuff in storage, at around £130 per month but realistically will you ever use this again? Would you be better off selling it on eBay, Facebook marketplace, Gumtree or donating it to charities like The Mustard Tree in Manchester?

Get some boxes, bubble wrap, tape and a permanent marker

Now some people love packing, others despise it. You can get us to pack for you if you’re strapped for time. But you, your friends and family can do it of course. Be aware though that trips to ask supermarkets for boxes are pointless – they have recycling targets and don’t usually hand out boxes. You can buy them obviously or let a removals company supply them.

Tape the bottom of the boxes securely, start filling and labelling them with what’s inside and where they’re going – makes your life and our life easier! PANS – KITCHEN is enough.

Pack heavier items at the bottom and supplement with lighter ones. Don’t put all your cast-iron pans, skillets etc in one box as it may collapse and lifting it is more arduous.

Wrap crockery and china in bubble wrap too, along with ornaments.

Books are also surprisingly heavy – so don’t put too many in one box – spread the load.

Eat your food!

You don’t want to see moving day approach only to realise your fridge and freezer are both full. If you’re moving far away, milk, cheese, butter and frozen ice cream and vegetables etc, should ideally be eaten and plan you last week’s meals based on what remains or only buy enough to get you to moving day. Stored cupboard stuff – pasta, rice, tinned vegetables etc – can all be packed but tape up packets that have been opened. Basmati rice may spill over your box if not careful!

Make a checklist

  • Take meter readings
  • Inform the council for council tax
  • Tell your broadband provider
  • Set up mail forwarding with the Royal Mail
  • Tell friends and family and work your new address in advance
  • Check each room carefully before you close the door for a final time
  • Keep a small box to one side, with kettle, tea, coffee, long life milk, soap, toilet rolls etc that you can unload at the other end

We do hope that this blog post has been useful – if you need help moving across the north west or indeed the UK, contact us today or complete the contact form for a no-obligation quote.

Good luck too!